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Address: Kayışdağı Cad.
Ayse Hatun Cesme Sok. No: 6/A
34751, Kucukbakkalkoy
Atasehir / Istanbul /

Phone: 0 216 577 04 21 - 22
Fax: 0 216 577 04 23


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08:30-18:00 (Mon - Sat)

Free parking is available.

ParkZon - Franchising

If you have graduated from university, you can own your own business by buying franchise in Ankara, Antalya, Bursa, Izmir and Northern Cyprus.

We give you the opportunity to own your own business and a prestigious occupation. We train you to be a “Child proofer” child safety specialist and “Home Modification Expert” and make you the only authority in your region. For more information visit our portal and sales internet sites.



You will have these opportunities:
1. To establish business with reasonable capital for the volume of the work
2. Sustain the business with the least liquid capital
3. Having a profession (“Childproofer”-Child safety expert and “Home Modification Expert” Elderly People Safety Expert)
4. To be able to carry on the work on your own without hiring anyone
5. To be able to expand the business with your own efforts
6. To be the first in the sector and take advantage of the growing market
7. To be able to work in a home-office
8. To benefit from ParkZon’s applied methods and experience
9. To work for the world’s widest and safest child safety products with brand.


1- WORK TRAINING (Technical)

a. Appraisal/Investigation techniques training
b. Technical training for the work (hands on training at customer’s place)
c. ParkZon technical consultancy (During the Franchising contract)
d. Manual for technical information related to practice and assembling

2- WORK TRAINING (Sales and Marketing)

a. Sales and Customer relations training
b. ParkZon’s publicity and advertising support
c. Handbook for Sales and Marketing


a. Product supply opportunity below vender buying cost
b. Opportunity to work with the least reserve
c. Support for feasibility preparations


a. Complete region protection
b. If you want, project support for your Sales and virtual shop


20.000 USD+VAT

Please fill in the form below for more information.

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