How does ParkZon Work

How does ParkZon Work?

1- Investigation

Places that need security are investigated. Objects that have danger to move or fall during earthquakes are determined. Fixing location is investigated. If it is wall, structure of wall is investigated .If it is bench, its connection to wall is investigated. If it is floor, floor features are investigated.

2- Reporting

A report is prepared according to data which are taken from the location. In this report, objects that have danger to move and fall during earthquake and YOTA products which will be applied are pointed according to objects properties and their locations.

3- Applications

Objects and devices which are in the report are fixed with earthquake safety products to wall, floor or bench. If needed, they can be easily removed and fixed again by user. This assembly is made by ParkZon technical workers.

We mustn’t forget that 30% percent of the injuries, in the Izmit earthquake in 1999, happened because of the furniture falling on people.

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