Earthquake Safety

Earthquake Safety Products

Earthquake is an important disaster which threatens safety of human life and property. We have to take precautions and continue to not get caught unprepared. As we know, deaths and injuries during earthquakes mostly caused by falling objects on top of people in houses, day care centers and they block our ways to exits.(According to B.Ü. Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute,50% of injuries in and 3% of deaths 1999 Izmit Earthquake resulted from not structural reasons which they are not like columns, beams, bearing wall, roof and base damages.)Fixing the objects like closets, electronic devices, bookcases, dressers, fridges which they have the danger of falling with proper fasteners is the first precaution we must take to protect our life and property safety. In California, USA earthquake, even some hospitals resisted as structure, those hospitals stopped working because of damages in machinery and devices which felt and crashed each other.

Common Features of Products:

YOTA (Reducing Not Structural Threats) products are specially designed and produced for preventing fixed devices and objects to move, slide and fall, according to their surfaces, weights and locations. Other feature is they are portable.

Other feature is they are portable.

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