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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of solutions can you offer for a disabled person using a wheelchair and living in a duplex house?

We need to know how much he can carry out his daily activities on his own. Then the house is being redesigned according to his needs concerning the architectural fact of the house and usage and placement of the furniture. For example we can arrange the first floor for his daily activity needs and design the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen and stair lift to reach upstairs easily. Extending the doors, door thresholds, bathroom, sinks, kitchen sinks and shelves need to be redesigned. The house must be designed according to the needs of the person and be suitable for the person living with him.

While making changes in the house and applying assistive products the person’s daily activities are increased. Such as the Transfer Bench which helps to go inside the bathtub from a wheelchair, nonslippery straps to prevent falling, holding bars to hold on and make balance, support fixtures to get up and go into bed, closet lifters and remote controls to open and close doors.

We know people aged 75 and above get injured and even lost their lives because of falling at home. What can we do to prevent this?

We have got a relative aged 75 who is suffering from Alzheimer and is living with his nurse. But we stil have problems about him. He tries to escape from home, has hallucinations. We are anxious about his safety at home?

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