How does ParkZon Work

How does child safety work?

1- Investigate

While the living place of the person is being visited, the physical loss of the person because of illness or age, whether the person has a temporary or permanent disability, the person’s gender and his/her age are taken into consideration. The overall architectural design of the house, living areas such as kitchen, bathroom, toilet and bedroom, interior areas such as the thresholds, windows, stairs and halls, exterior areas such as the main entrance door, its stairs and the garden, whether the furniture and the household objects’ placement inside the house is suitable for the person’s daily routine activities or not are investigated.

Investigation service is only available in Istanbul and the service cost is 100 TL. For an investigation inquiry,
- please fill in the Expertise Request Form,
- or call up from the phone number below.

Phone: 0 216 577 04 21 - 22
Address: Kayisdagi Cad. Ayse Hatun Cesme Sok. No: 6/A 34751, Kucukbakkalkoy - Atasehir / Istanbul - TURKEY

2- Report

The report, which is written in the light of the investigation outputs, includes the person’s main daily routine, problems that occur because of the place or the person, the problems that restrain him/her and increase the risks of accidents and their solutions, and assistance and safety products that are needed.

3- Application

If there are place and environment problems originated from the inside home architectural design, the furniture being used and their placement at home, these problems are resolved by “Home Modification”, by constructing, reconditioning, and architectural arrangements so that the furniture is rearranged for better usage. The project is completed when the assistance and safety products in need are provided and assembling is done.

ParkZon provides solutions especially for slippery/wet areas that might cause you falling and other home accidents and protects you against them.

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