Private Solutions

Private Solutions

1- Protection program for falling accidents in the houses.

At the head of the home accidents for old people is falling. A lot of places -firstly wet floors- have potential risks for people who live in houses for the most of the time.

According to CDPHP (The Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion) research, 15.800 people aged 65 and above died and 1.8 million of them were brought to emergency rooms in hospitals in 2005.In other words, 1.8 old people died and 205 old people were brought to ER per 1 hour.

CDPHP 2005 Report

Falling caused by living places and physical conditions: Falling accidents caused by reasons like wet and slippery floor, trying to reach high places, loosing balance when trying to bend over to floor, crashing to other objects, stairs, stuck to doorstep or similar places and insufficient and wrong illumination.

To prevent falling: Living places are examined physically with considering falling reasons which they are from person’s health problem. Basic elements like living places, specially wet places like bath and toilet, kitchen working triangle, height of shelves and benches, wet floor, stairs, stairs steps and their handrails, objects and plumbing materials, their locations, properties, usage types, floor covering and illumination that have falling risks caused by architectural design or consisted reasons in time are examined. Improper places and parts that have falling risks are done safe. Also safer and comfortable life is ensured with providing special support products help rising physical activities and to prevent falling.

2- “Safer life program at home” for Alzheimer patients

People who have Alzheimer disease and live daily life in homes face many accident risks. We provide “Safer life program in home” to these people to reduce damage to themselves or environment caused by wandering, hallucinations, behavioral problems, to reduce negative effects that caused by physical movement capability reduction to minimum, to ease daily life.

According to patient’s condition, improper places that caused by interior home design or usage and location of objects and potential accident points are determined. Modification projects for redesigning interior are prepared and applied. Home accident risks are reduced and daily life are made easier with “Special Safety Products” for not harming themselves and environment and “Support Products” for helping to do daily life activities.

ParkZon provides assistive products according to the person’s needs and tries to decrease their dependencies to third persons.  

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