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Child Safety at Home Specialist Investigation

(Only available in Istanbul)

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Investigation/Specialist service

Possible home accident risks are determined according to the age of the child, number of children living together, size of the house, position of furniture, and the family’s living habits, by examining living areas such as kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom and their windows, doors, stairs and shelves in. Parents are involved in this investigation which takes about 2 hours and are informed about child safety.

Investigation service is only available in Istanbul and the service cost is 150 TL. For an investigation inquiry,
- please fill in the Expertise Request Form,
- or call up from the phone number below.

Phone: 0 216 577 04 21 - 22
Address: Kayisdagı Cad. Ayse Hatun Cesme Sok. No: 6/A 34751, Kucukbakkalkoy - Atasehir / Istanbul - Turkey

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