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What is Child Safety at home and why do I have to do it?

To make home safer for child means to make home safer and take precautions against accidents to happen at home. It is determined that these precautions, which make the family’s life easier, increase the prosperity of the family, and allow the child to be freer at home without obstructing, minimize /avoid accidents in great percentage. Adult supervision is a must and these systems are supplementary.

What is included in your home applications?

When do I have to make my home child safety?

Why do I need a child safety specialist?

Why should I choose ParkZon?

How much does it cost to apply child safety for my home?

How long do you guarantee your product and services?

Are the products different from the products I could purchase from the kids stores or construction stores?

Can I only purchase products from ParkZon?

Can you assemble other products I purchased?

How soon can you come?

I am a mother and manager of a private nursery school. Do you provide child safety only at home or do you provide service for nursery schools too?

I look after/take care of my child at all times. Do I still need to make my home child safe?

My parents didn’t raise me in a child safety home and I am OK. Why do I have to make my home child safe for my child?

How can I see your products and get more information about them?

How and where can I purchase your products?

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