Our Services

Our Services

The basic of our service is to make safer places for children who are between 0-6 year old. Home accidents are not unpredictable accidents. They can be prevented by taking accurate and appropriate precautions.

I. Services based on Location


Kitchens are places at home where the most of the accidents happen. The products listed below are used for accident risks in this area.

ParkZon Services - Kitchen

  • Stove safety barriers
  • Oven safety lock
  • Oven window protector
  • Corner and side protectors
  • Drawer-cupboard locks
  • Refrigerator lock
  • Safety doors


Bathroom - Toilet

The products listed below are used against accidents that are because of water and electricity, and slipping and falling accidents that mostly happen in bathrooms and/or toilets.

ParkZon Services - Bathroom - Toilet

  • Electricity plug protectors
  • Toilet pan locks
  • Bathtub non-slippery plasters-strips
  • Fixture protector
  • Safety doors
  • Drawer-cupboard locks



Child’s bedroom

The products listed below are used against accidents where the child sleeps and spends most of his/her time in his babyhood.

ParkZon Services - Çocuk Odası

  • Window safety locks
  • Corner and edge protectors
  • Drawer-cupboard locks
  • Electricity plug protectors
  • Child safety doors
  • Furniture fastening parts
  • Finger protectors for doors



Living Rooms

The products listed below are used against accidents, such as beat, falling from a high place such as window and/or balcony, swallowing unknown objects, vitamins and pills that might occur where the whole family spends time together.

ParkZon Services - Living Rooms

  • Corner and edge protectors
  • Window locks
  • Balcony door locks
  • Electricity plug protectors
  • Drawer and cupboard locks
  • Fireplace protectors
  • Protectors for electronic devices
  • Cable Ports for electricity cables
  • Window film for glass and mirror surfaces
  • Furniture fastening parts
  • TV fastening parts
  • Fastening parts for paintings and mirrors
  • Finger protectors for doors



Doors, Stairs, Balconies, Windows

They are places where children are mostly attracted by and commonly used by the whole family.

ParkZon Services - Doors, Stairs, Balconies, Windows

The products listed below are used against accidents that might occur in these places.

  • Handles under doors
  • Special door handles
  • Door safety bellows
  • Child safety doors and bars
  • Plexiglas and net applications for gallery spaces
  • Special nets for stair rails
  • Non-slippery plasters for interior and exterior stairs
  • Balcony door locks
  • Plexi for balcony railings
  • Child safety window locks




We can provide Safe playground area applications in desired size.

ParkZon Services - Playgrounds



ParkZon provides economical and functional solutions while designing and organizing the living places according to the person’s needs.

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