Kids Safety

As we are the first professional company in providing kid’s safety at home in our country, our main aim is to share our experience and knowledge with families which we have gained through international training and contribute to raise healthier future generations. This activity, which is aimed for 0-6 year olds, protects children against home accidents without prohibiting their desire for learning and discovering and helps them to accomplish their developmental process healthily. To inform them about the studies and … in the world, conduct educational seminars, provide consultancy service, to raise awareness at choosing and using accurate and safe safety products.

We are a member of the following organization.

IAFCS is the biggest organization founded for child safety aged 0-6 in America. To become a member of this organization one must take a training and certificate. We hold this certificate and the title Child Safety Specialist and provide services such as consultancy for families about child safety at home and around home (garden, pool, garage) and supply products.



We represent the following organizations which are specialists in child safety and produce JPMA certified products in the USA.

- Mommy's Helper Inc.
- Kid Kusion Inc.
- Babby Barrier Inc.
- Marlyco-Trevco Inc.
- Primo Inc.
- Parent Units/Tv Guard Inc.
- Alexis Play Safe Inc.
- Safer Baby


We represent the following organizations which produce and make others produce products according to the quality and trustwothiness norms of Europe child safety.

- Reer GmbH - Germany
- A-Plast - Sweden
- Baby Dan - Denmark
- Finger Alert - Netherlands

*JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association)
Products that have Child Products Manufacturers Organization Certificate means products produced and/or sold in America are suitable for child health and safety and hold a quality certificate.

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